About company

About company

The full legal name of the enterprise is the Foreign Private Production Unitary Enterprise “Vitebsk sawmill”. It was registered by the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, by the decision of December 22, 2003 No. 689. Legal address: 210034, Vitebsk, ul. Basic, 14. The company has a private form of ownership. The founder and owner of the property of the company is Woodbeakers JSC, which is a legal entity under the laws of the Republic of Estonia. At the shareholders meeting of Woodbakers AO dated October 10, 2003, a decision was made to create a sawmill into the territory of the Republic of Belarus, approving the Charter of the enterprise. On April 9, 2014, the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee registered a change in the name of the enterprise - Production Unitary Enterprise “Vitebsk sawmill”.

The company covers an area of ​​16.3683 hectares. The enterprise has an administrative building with an extension of a warehouse with a total area of ​​4,462 sq. M., A gas station, garages, storage rooms, boiler rooms, drying chambers, a log sorting line, a sawing line, a sawn timber sorting line, a passing building.

Sawmill complex

The planned capacity of the enterprise is more than 150,000 cubic meters. meters of lumber per year. The company has been operating since June 2004. The company is focused on processing of small and medium-sized timber from 9 to 22 cm in the upper cut. The company processes this size in large volumes with high efficiency, 43-47% yield of high-quality lumber, 32-36% high-quality cellulose chips.

The authorized capital of the company was formed in the amount of - 2 500 000 (two million five hundred thousand) US dollars by making cash and non-monetary contribution. Of these, cash in the amount of 198,000 (one hundred and ninety eight thousand) US dollars, and the non-monetary contribution of the statutory fund was formed due to imported equipment (automatic sawing line, log sorting line, loaders). The size of the non-monetary contribution in the prescribed manner is confirmed by expert evaluation.


The company has a long-term strategy consisting of several stages of development. The first stage of development included the commissioning of the plant and the first volumes of output. For this purpose, the most efficient technological processes of forest processing were used with the use of modern foreign equipment. At the second stage, there were launches of equipment for wood-drying chambers and a boiler room At this time, equipment is being upgraded annually.


  • Edged sawn timber longitudinally sawn softwood (pine, spruce)
  • Processing chips
  • Sawdust

The production capacity of the enterprise allows to process 115,000 cubic meters. saw log and receive 50 000 cubic meters. finished products, 100,000 cubic meters. bulk cubic meters chips and 50,000 bulk cubic meters. sawdust. Drying capacity is 40,000 cubic meters. lumber. More than 70% of finished products are exported.

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