On the meeting of the Minister of Forestry with the management of Vitebsk sawmill

Note that the enterprise “Vitebsk sawmill” has been operating in the Belarusian market for 15 years. The scope of its activities - the production and sale of lumber. As noted during the meeting, the company relies on an increase in production volumes. So, if 4 years ago 50 thousand cubic meters were sawed at the Vitebsk sawmill, today this figure is already three times more. The plans for the coming years - and the construction of another production facility.

Negotiators were interested in the availability of the necessary amount of raw materials for the implementation of production tasks.

As Vitaly Drozha informed, the forestry institutions of the Ministry of Forestry annually increase the volumes of harvested wood. According to the minister, a sufficient amount of unsold raw materials is currently stored in organizations ’warehouses.

At the same time, the head of the industry called one of the significant problems an insufficient amount of rolling stock, which, in turn, affects sales.

“Today we could increase the export of chips about two times, but for this we need cars,” said Vitaly Drozha.

According to the head of the industry, by the end of the year, the Belarusian Railway has undertaken to purchase 1.5 thousand more cars, which will significantly improve the situation.

Press Service of the Ministry of Forestry